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Brilliant final year LASU student seeks help for urgent medical treatment



It is a case of life hanging on a balance as brilliant Aiyeyemi Kayode, a 400 level student of Physics, Faculty of Science at the Lagos State University, LASU Ojo battles with Spinal Cord disorder and duodenal ulcer.

In a statement by the 28th Executives of LASU Students’ Union, duly signed by the Present President, Olalere Moshood Samuel popularly known as SAMGRIN, students of the institution in a bid to save the life of one of their own should in their magnanimity donate an amount to the course.

While expressing optimism that Aiyeyemi Kayode’s life can be saved, the Union urged students to contribute their quota to the Diamond Bank, Savings account dedicated to the bedridden with the account name, A, Adebayo Nurudeen and account number, 0080846982.

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See full statement below,

The 28th Executives of Lagos State University Students’ Union uses this medium to announce to the entire LASU populace on the issue of AIYEYEMI KAYODE  a student of Physics 400level faculty of science, a scholar and a teacher to all who has been on sick bed for a month now, due to an internal injury that led to Spinal Cord disorder and DUODENAL ULCER. what he needs to survive the sickness is a treatment and medication worth of N350,000 .

We plead to entire LASU populace to help our brother AIYEYEMI KAYODE In need by donating  an amount to save his life .


Account Number: 0080846982


I believe we can save his life through our support, Please donate to save AIYEYEMI KAYODE’S life

Together we are one


Olalere Moshood Samuel (SAMGRIN)



Mohammed Tokunbo (OSHODI)




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LASU fee remains unchanged

According to the the Coordinator, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations, Ademola Adekoya, the school fees has not increased.



The attention of Lagos State University (LASU) has been drawn to fake information being disseminated on social media that the management has increased its school fees.

According to the the Coordinator, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations, Ademola Adekoya, the school fees has not increased.

The official statement read thus:

The Management of Lagos State University, Ojo, wishes to reiterate that the school fee for both returning and fresh students of the University for the 2018/2019 Academic Session remains unchanged.”

“The University Management has not increased the fee, neither are there plans to do so.
All stakeholders are urged to disregard any information, on any medium, to the contrary.”

Thank you.

We are LASU we are proud.

Ademola Adekoya,

Coordinator, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations,
Lagos State University, Ojo.

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Mediocrity has finally been institutionalized in the annals of the Nigerian state. We have become so used to all forms of ineptitude that I sometimes wonder if Nigerians will ever get pushed to the wall.

Around 2am; today – 16th of February,2019; a day when millions of Nigerians had hoped to troop out with a view to casting their votes – the country instead became inundated with the reports of the postponement of its 2019 general elections. There is nothing unusual in postponing elections but postponement becomes a disaster and a national embarrassment when it is announced barely 7hours to the commencement of elections. The losses incurred by millions of Nigerians are beyond measure. From flight tickets to hotel reservations – an eventful day has been ruined for many. In view of today’s national disaster, I hope Nigerians will start realizing that political leadership matters in every facet of our lives – from the schools we attend, the fuel we purchase and even when and how we vote during elections.

While I ruminated on how bad we have made a mockery of ourselves to the world, it dawned on me that the outcome of the presidential election – even if it had been held today may not have ultimately changed the Nigerian narrative. Nigerians are technically faced with two bad choices – a leaking umbrella and a tattered broom. Consequently, in 2023, considering the situation at hand, the ruling administration and electoral umpire in four years time may end up waking Nigerians from their sleep with more disheartening news. This is not an apocalyptic prediction as the realities on ground accentuate this hypothetical 2023 scenario – it is nearly impossible for anything excellent and sustainable to emerge from a leaking umbrella and/or a tattered broom.

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All through the sixteen years rule of the leaking umbrella, Nigeria continued to retrogress while the rest of the world blazed the frontiers. In these sixteen years, it became far easier for an elephant to climb Mount Everest than it is for Nigeria to fix its electricity problems. Large scale corruption, cronyism and other manifestations of epileptic leadership finally unleashed devastating rainfalls on the Nigerian people – the tattered umbrella could no longer protect them and they sought for change. Nigerians embraced their new bride as they saw a damsel in a packaged broom of ‘change’ that promised to be the best thing in their lives after bread and beans.

Alas! less than a year after their marriage with the broom, Nigerians realized they had been sold a gimmick and the packaged broom that initially glittered is actually tattered. It dawned on Nigerians that the tattered broom is not even capable of cleaning a lunch bag and the broom came with all sort of infestations that took Nigeria to a new level of nepotism, one-sided corruption crusade, economic infirmities and jawbreaking propaganda. Still, the custodians of the broom have promised Nigerians a ‘next level’ when the new level they’ve taken us has left us with more questions than answers.

All over the world, great nations are built on consistent and sustainable principles, ideals and vision. If an administration truly wants to advance an ideal of the fight against corruption – let it be encompassing – sparing no one. Any anti-corruption crusade that recognizes sacred cows is nothing but a charade. Corruption should be fought based on unwavering principles and not body language or misleading putative integrity. Leadership matters a lot in national development. The embarrassment that dawned on Nigerians on the 16th of February,2019 is one of the results of a leadership culture that is not anchored on accountability, transparency, fairness, inclusion, innovation and team spirit. True leadership sees greatness and talents in all parts of the country and not in some parts of the country – who have unacceptably been handed the entire Nigerian security architecture.

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Moving forward, many Nigerians have argued from the prism that we are left with the only two doomed choices of the tattered broom and leaking umbrella. I beg to differ. If millions of disillusioned Nigerians are willing to organize themselves into a formidable force, there are far more viable options out there who can be catapulted from the ballot to the highest Offices in Abuja. There are individuals with fresh but bold ideas capable of taking us from the land of despair to a planet of hope and possibilities. Wake up, look beyond personal gains or ethnic biases and you will realize that there are phenomenal alternatives to the tattered broom and leaking umbrella – who have made life short, brutish, rough and hopeless for Nigerians.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pelumi Olugbenga writes from Lagos

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Volunteers liberate prisoners from illiteracy



A group of volunteers in Nigeria has launched an Inmate Educational Foundation (IEF) to liberate prisoners from illiteracy.

The foundation was founded in 2018 by Alabidun Mahfuz, a 300 level student studying Educational Management in Lagos State University. The volunteers of IEF teaches prisoners adult education, prepares them for GCE, JAMB and also supporting the National Open University students among them with tutorials across Lagos State Prisons.

According to Mahfuz, Inmates Educational Foundation came up as a result of a research that relates that 76% of convicted inmates are illiterates and drop outs, so the foundation deem it feet to support by volunteering to teach prisoners through Adult Education.

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When asked about the inspiration behind the foundation, Alabidun Mahfuz said “it is the willingness to give back to the society, particularly the forgotten ones, who perhaps if given quality education would have been better of in the society and also the willingness to transform mind and soul through education and making sure they continue even when they gain their freedom”. 

He noted that the foundation has been registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) but it as been faced with challenges like transporting volunteer teams to prisons for teaching, lack of stationery to be used by inmates, lack of motivational encouragement for the students in class and lack of finance to run the foundation effectively.

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The foundation has attracted a good number of volunteers among students, professors and lecturers in Lagos State University, they include Dr Ishaq Yusuf, Dr (Mrs)Sulaimon A, Mr Solahudeen Mustopha and Barrister Alliyu Abdurasheed. The foundation presently has about 40 volunteers in thier database.

FOLLOW IEF ON TWITTER @ Inmates Educational Foundation

LIKE ON FACEBOOK @Inmates Educational Foundation

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VC welcomes LASU students back on campus




Our world-class students, welcome back. For several weeks – due to the just suspended nationwide strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU), academic activities came to a halt in most public universities in Nigeria.

For us at Lagos State University, the journey continues. Our semester and session have been overstretched – which explains why we all must fully work together to get the LASU academic calendar back on track. Academic activities for the ongoing session resume immediately. We urge our world-class students to earnestly do what is expected of them in the areas of course registration, payment of school fees and preparation for examination as we cannot afford to further drag our academic calendar. There will also be a town hall meeting (date to be announced soon). The meeting will provide us with a platform to chart a collective strategy that addresses identified issues and spotlights proffered solutions.

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We equally appreciate the efforts and commitment of members of staff(academic and non-academic). The LASU workforce has shown unwavering commitment to the LASU project and we are grateful for the selfless service being rendered to our university. The university will also look up to all members of staff in every department, unit, faculty, directorate and centre to provide leadership and work towards ensuring all academic and administrative activities hit top gear immediately. At this time, very distinguished colleagues, LASU needs us to once again rise to the occasion and show unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Dear LASU Community, the road ahead of us may appear to be a challenging one. Nevertheless, the LASU story has never been about easy starts or luxurious journeys. Our history has been that of a university community – blessed with hard working staff and creative students who are capable of turning even the most unlikely situations around. We are a community that has emerged stronger from our challenging times and we are now building a prosperous and peaceful university. As one LASU family, we are once again called upon to collectively push the frontiers, stand up for the ideals of our founding fathers and ensure that no bottleneck draw us back in any form. Let us continue to rise, work and fight for a greater, prosperous and peaceful Lagos State University.

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Thank you all for your support.

We are LASU, We are Proud !!!

Professor Olanrewaju Fagbohun, Ph.D., SAN,Vice Chancellor.

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LASU becomes African Centre of Excellence



The Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University (LASU) Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun has announced that the university is now an African Centre of Excellence. He made this known in his remarks at maiden edition of the long service award organized by the university to reward and appreciate staff members of the university for their immense contributions the growth of the university which took place on 16th November, 2018 at the University Auditorium complex, Ojo, Lagos state.

The VC who Opened his remarks with a call for a one minute silence for the souls of the departed staff of the University started by on a high note by announcing that LASU is now an African Centre of Excellence.

According to him “I will start my remark on a high note. I am proud to announce to you that LASU is now an African Centre Of Excellence.

“When we start this centre of excellence, we must promise ourselves that we will strategically manage our institution and sustain it.”

Explaining how LASU achieved the feat he said “We were chosen from about 154 Universities that applied for the centre and after several rounds of assessment and screening, we were selected as the only State University in the round”. The senior lawyer added that as a result of the feat, the school will be attracting foreign students and faculties hence the school cannot afford to go on crises.

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He also disclosed that the school is set to own four new buildings and a convention center which will be underway in December this year.

He said “The name of the game is changing and we must be a part of it. My remarks centres on saying thank you to each and everyone of you for making this university what it is today. We have worked together and we will not stop”

In conclusion, Prof. Fagbohun called on members of the Management, present and past, Deans, HODs for recognition for making the vision work, he also recognized the Pro-Chancellor as well as the Staff Union Leaders for their support.

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Over 500 staff of the university were awarded according to how long they have served from the categories of 20-29 years, 25-29 years, 30 years and above as well as an award for the longest serving staff (male and female).

Chairperson of the Long Service Award committee, professor Sena Bakre in her remarks noted that the academic staff establishment were contacted to get the proper data of staffs adding that some staffs joined the university since inception and some got employed as far back as 1983 and 1984.

The Pro Chancellor of LASU and the Chairman Governing Council, Professor. Adebayo Ninalowo also congratulated the awardees in his remarks. He said, the happenings in LASU within the past three years was different from what it used to be, as happiness was now the order of the day. He noted that the Long Service Award ceremony was geared towards celebrating hard work and motivating the staff to be more productive.

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ASUU and the hopes of a school boy



A for Apple, B for ball was what I started with
I graduated to living things and non living things.

Johnbull my son I sent you to school was the motto, so I could read my book.

Even if I fail to read my books, the sound of bata re a dun koko ka was enough to make a little me read my books.

I buckled my shoes, so I can knock at the doors of great men when I grow up and I would be granted entry.

I thought that was all, until I encountered verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning
Trying to get answers to the questions was what I solved until I got into secondary school
Integrated science wasn’t my best because of MR NIGER D

I wasn’t good at business studies because of SHORTHAND

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Social studies was my favorite because there I learnt more about man and his environment
I studied hard to pass through my junior WAEC.

Finally, I will fit in long trousers was my joy after I pass through Junior School

But then, there came a stumbling block
Were Calling me, saying pick me! Pick me!!
Finally I settled for arts even though people viewed it as department for unserious student
HISTORY, GOVERNMENT, LITERATURE were my favorites and I never missed a class
“6 years in secondary school no be joke” was the inscription on my uniform the day I finished my WAEC

Finally, I’m free from early morning assemblies
Or teachers saying “submit your notes”

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I said to my self, I will attempt jamb with a successful result; Alas! In four years I will be a graduate.

These thoughts was in the head of my little self who was eager to go to the university
Have your heard of ASUU strike, my uncle’s would say?But then I shrugged it off, saying I will graduate in four years
Four years on, I’m still in school because of ASUU strike.

But then that’s not the issue
Not until I’m done with school
And companies will ask for 25 years old with 4 years working experience.


Ayobami Okerinde, student at LASU, is Cordinator, Trigger Writers’ Club


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LASU-VC, 30 others appointed as SAN



Lagos State University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun has been appointed as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun who is the 8th Vice Chancellor of LASU and a professor in Environmental law was appointed along side thirty other legal practitioners from all over the country.

The rank, Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN) is awarded as a mark of excellence to members of the Legal profession who have distinguished themselves as advocates.

Swearing in of the newly appointed Senior Advocates will take place on Monday, 24th of September, 2018.

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Funny facts about LASU



LASU is more than just an institution and may as well be the only university with ‘countries’ on its Ojo campus. LASU is pan African, with many locations on campus named after African countries.

Nigeria: A country on LASU Ojo campus which has the School of Communication, and Faculty of Arts, which is known as the Home of Joy, for its melodious tunes and unending dramatisations, from the Music students and their Theatre Arts counterparts who are often seen in the Arts Auditorium and under trees  within the Arts environs.


Key locations in Nigeria LASU

*London Bridge – Home of Joy.

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*Pavilion – Centre of All Arts.

*LASU Health Centre

*Eco Library – populated by restaurants and cyber cafes.


USA: Home to the School of Communication, popularly called ‘New Building’, the official lecture and office complex of School of Communication students. It is named USA as it is arguably the coolest building on campus (boasts a TV studio, radio studio, editing suite and newsroom). It also has the coldest lecture halls, thanks to the air conditioners and the serene environment.


Key USA locations

Senate Building

LASU Radio (95.7 FM)



Angola: Houses the populace of science faculty, the school fishery department, and situated opposite the student affairs building.

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Key Angola locations

Abe Igi

Love Garden

Fisheries Department’s fish ponds

ICT Building


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The new face of LASU



Like the popular saying “change is the only constant thing in life”. Over the years, Lagos State University (LASU) was viewed as the abode of all sorts of societal ills like cultism, indefinite strikes, student unrest, indecent dressing among other social vices which have tainted it once glowing image. Sadly so much for LASU, it is obvious that only its internal public knows of its development. The external publics are in the dark, still living in that past.

This fact was proven on Tuesday 14th of February 2017 when Soonest Nathaniel falsely posted on an online medium, He reported LASU to be among the six most notorious tertiary institutions in Africa that no Nigerian child must ever attend. He stated that cultism and strikes make LASU a tertiary institution to stay away from.

Interviews with some external public members on their perceptions about the university revealed that LASU would have to do a lot more in shoring up approval ratings. Perceived unstable academic calendar, likely hike in tuition fees, and doubts about a campus that is conducive, free from strikes and cultism, are some concerns expressed by prospective applicants to LASU.

Miss Ayonimofe Ayeni, an admission seeker, said she did not make LASU her choice of institution because she doubts the stability of academic calendar, hike in tuition, and strike actions by staff unions.

Clearing the Augean stable
Following the appointment of Prof. Olarenwaju Fagbohun by the Lagos State Government in 2016 as the eighth Vice Chancellor, LASU began a campaign to rebrand. Thus, the Vice Chancellor has made clear his goal – to deliver a university that commands respect from all.

Now in the second of his statutory five-year tenure, the professor of environmental law is on the path to the dream of a LASU that will be the pride of all. His tenure has engendered some positive changes that reflect his commitment to revitalizing LASU in as many ways as needed. and this was confirmed by members of staffs and students.

Although his desired ranking destination for LASU is the first-four, the university is currently not a poor contender on the league table of Nigerian universities, on which it stands 16th, according to a latest ranking of 100 universities by the National Universities Commission (NUC). With its current position, LASU is leading many private universities and those belonging to the Federal Government of Nigeria. Besides, LASU remains Nigeria’s best state-owned university. This stands as a testimony to the ever-rising standards in LASU, where Vice Chancellor Fagbohun has left no one in doubt about its even brighter future.

One point of deviation from its troubled past is the present stability of academic calendar. By this, students no longer have to stay longer than required to graduate. This has been due to the fact that the university, with its Data Processing Unit, continues to rely on its efficient, real-time results processing software architecture that has ensured quick release of results after examinations. Whereas, certificates used to take years before they were ready in the past, getting certificates has become a lot easier and quicker for graduates of the university. A challenge that once bedeviled the university in the past was scripts going missing, leading to prolonged study durations for students. Now in place are efforts to ensure that scripts no longer go missing.

Through the Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, excellent students whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) begins from 4.50, continue to enjoy financial rewards from the school’s purse. This has been one of LASU’s ways of rewarding excellence and inspiring achievements among students, while encouraging University Scholars to maintain their CGPAs in order to remain on the scholarship.

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The results are already coming. In embracing modern technologies, LASU now makes use of its well-equipped Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Centre for examinations and tests in courses such as General Nigerian Studies (GNS). LASU continues its rapport universities at home and abroad by sending delegations of its students to competitions and symposia in Nigeria and overseas – one of the visionary goals of the current Vice Chancellor. LASU Registrar, Mr. Akinwunmi Lewis, who almost beat his chest over a new LASU, could not hide his ecstasy in an interview he granted LASUQuill.

“LASU has never had problem with her standards. It has always been high as her products are doing fantastically well. LASU’s Law is among the first best three at the Nigerian Law School. Go to Alausa, which is the seat of power in Lagos, over 70 per cent of those who are in charge of one thing or the other are graduates of LASU. If you graduate today and you do the needful by filling the bio data, you can rest assured that within one week you will get your certificate, said Lewis, who urged those who graduated years back to come and pick their certificates as thousands of it are ready.

He added, “The NUC has approved the establishment of the Lagos State University Open and Distance Learning and Research Institute (ODLRI) – to replace the now-rested LASU External System (LASUES) – and the ODLRI operates as 70% virtual and 30% physical. It is meant for the working class who do not have time or opportunity to embrace education on full time basis. It is also for people who want to add to their degrees and for life-long learning.

According to Mr Jeariogbe Olaniyi, standards have improved in LASU. Olaniyi, whose designation is Principal Executive Officer, added that educational standards in LASU have improved, noting that students, on their part, are reflecting this by making the varsity proud. He pointed to the fact that a delegation of LASU undergraduates topped other universities at the 9th and 10th sessions of the Nigerian International Tertiary Institutions Model United Nations Conference (NITIMUN) held 2017.

The LASU officer also stated that the university recognizes excellence and dedication to studies in studies; and sure enough, the school rewarded some 237 students, whose cumulative grade point averages (CGPAs) fell between 4.50 and above. Each of those rewarded, known as University Scholars, got a cash prize of N15000. According to him, the reward is given at the end of every academic year.

In assuring LASU’s publics of a departure from a crisis-riddled past that saw fees skyrocket to as high as 250,000, the Vice Chancellor has consistently said there are no plans to raise tuition from its current student-friendly rate, the lowest among Nigerian universities. Readers would recall that when it was recently rumoured that fees would surge up again, the management of LASU swiftly stepped in to say there were no such plans in the offing, a claim that has been greeted with cynicism by some staff unions, notably the varsity’s local chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

There appears to be some commitment, on the part of Lagos State Government, to improving infrastructure in LASU. A befitting Senate Building, which is expected to house the Vice Chancellor, other principal officers as well as staff members in the principal offices, is near-ready for use. Across from it stands a four-storey central library that is reportedly among the biggest in Nigeria. Already at an advanced stage, when completed, the library is expected to solve the perennial challenge of space constraint currently faced by users at the Fatiu Akesode Library. Also likely to commence any time soon is a hall of residence that will house 6000 students; a space has already been earmarked on campus for this maiden massive residential infrastructure.

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Times were when roads within LASU were a nightmare to staff members, students and visitors, who dreaded to drive and walk on them. The rains only made it worse with puddles all over, leading vehicles to sometimes break down. Recalling the ordeals of that era, Jeariogbe strongly suggested that LASU has left all that behind. Now, the road network ensures smooth rides for all, thanks to joint efforts of LASU’s management and agencies of the Lagos State Government. In the same vein, the premises is now well-lit at night, leading in no small measures to effective patrols by a security department that is committed to safety on campus.

Saheed Raheem, a final year student, exuded ecstasy and fulfillment when he compared today’s LASU with that which he met four years earlier, when he was admitted four years earlier to study History and International Relations. Raheem was full of praises for the Vice Chancellor for changing the story for the better. For instance, he recalled that roads were reconstructed and lit, while the environment is now better. He commended Fagbohun for reconstructing the gate on LASU-Iba Expressway, while also noting his achievements in other areas like security. The Historian-in-training hopes that the era of protests and strikes does not return to haunt a university that is fast recovering from a past riddles with crises.

Measures put in place to combat any resurgence of cultism on campus are achieving desired results already. Cultism, which was a serious challenge for the university, appears to have succumbed to LASU’s zero tolerance for cultism. Commenting on the peace being enjoyed in LASU, President of the Lagos State University Students’ Union (LASUSU, Samuel Olalere commended efforts by Fagbohun-led management.

“I need commend the current administration because they have done so well. Our brand has changed. Immorality and indiscipline have also been curbed. LASU is now in a positive reckoning. For me to emerge as the president and still looking healthy, it is because of the LASU we have today. What has brought peace to LASU is the ‘all-inclusive government’ technique of Prof. Fagbohun that has made LASU a school with a peaceful environment. Like the saying goes, ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. Your dressing is your image. Indecent dressing is now a thing of the past in LASU.

“The school management placed banners of the 19 prohibited dressings, displayed at strategic points on campus. On entering the university, the persons you meet are the school gate are the Campus Marshals who checks students’ appearance from head to toe. This has had a good effect on LASU’s image. Fagbohun’s all inclusive governance has taken LASU to greater height as he involves the student, academic and non academic staffs in decision making, as they work together for the growth of the school, making it a World class standard. No wonder our students and staff members proudly chant we are LASU, we are proud.”, said Olalere.

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