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LASUSU Science, Technology innovation challenge 2018



Lagos State University Students’ Union (Epe campus) presents Techvis (Technological Vision), an annual modelling exhibition and paperwork presentation competition, a training on how to be a “Technopreneur: Fitting into the nation’s sustainable development goals” which is the theme for the third edition.

The birth of this motive was as a result of the willingness of the organisers to establish a platform for students to showcase their innovative personalities to the world. This will probel them to take charge of their technological environment. The maiden edition took place in 2016 which it has ever since gotten better with subsequent editions.

The program originally for Faculty of Engineering and School of Agriculture but not limited to the aforementioned faculties, as other discipline are welcome from various walk and institutions in Lagos State.

As stated by one of the Exco’s ” The program will be beneficiary to the students, institutions, technological related firms and the nation at large, it is expected to re-ignite the passion for engineering that both the participating students and the spectating students of Lagos State University had for engineering which has been out-muscle due to lack of motivational opportunities like this.

This initiative would in turn provide platforms for self-employment (Entrepreneurship), and in return help achieve a sustainable national development as well as promote technological advancement. Participating students would not only end up waking the dead cells of their passion for engineering and technology but also in the process broaden their knowledge, as they would be involved in a lot of research works and would encounter new informations, ideas and skills useful enough to change not just our immediate environment, but the entire state and the Nation at large.

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What therefore is the focal point of this program? One expected result is to offer solutions to the problems faced with Lagos State University Epe Campus, Lagos state and Nigeria. Which will not only ease the affairs of the students, but proffer cheaper and long lasting relief for the management as regards Lagos State University Epe Campus.

And it is only a matter of time before these solutions positively affect the immediate pisurroundings of the institution (EPE), with the belief that a little improvement could become solution to puzzling circumstances, in LASU, and in little time become solutions to nationwide issues. This would consequently not only solve the Management problems, but would also re-brand the image of the institution locally and internationally.

How therefore does this benefit het country, as earlier emphasized? The program is aimed at producing capable engineers who will take positions in building sustainable developments across board and solve the problem of professionalism in the educational sector”. Infact save her country’s scarce treasures from been transported into foreign lands.

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Structure and Planning
The program will span a period of five months in which students will be invited to create or rebrand ideas, good enough, and useful enough sa solutions that will solve the primary problems which are encountered on campuses and the ocountry as a whole, with reference to (Power and Energy production, Agriculture, Communication, Waste management, Transportation, Security, Education, etc.)

Eight (8) teams,comprising of five (5) members each started the race in Techvis 2018, the preliminary round was held on the 26th September 2018 at Evans Hall, Lasu Epe campus, comprising of four panelists judging between eight presentations.

Upon the grand finale, the best three teams shall be awarded

Technocrats and Professionals from the industry together with Academicians on campus shall constitute the judges, while the selection criteria will be based on feasibility, cost and technicality of the solution during the grand finale to determine the three best teams.
All teams are expected to invent something new or rather revolutionize, their projects are Series of inventions, some are based on modification of an existing idea, making it better, while some are bringing in a new idea to solving a lingering problem, the best idea and solution oriented innovation would automatically be announce winner.

The grand finale comes up on Saturday, October 20th, 2018, at New Engineering Hall, Lasu Epe Campus.

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Science & Technology

Top 3 apps to improve your Smartphone



Manufacturers love to clutter up phones with pre-installed apps better known as bloatware. But just because it’s there by default doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever.

The 21st century generation of smartphones comes with a large and impressive number of apps to get you started, from photography and e-mail to navigation, weather and video-calling services, and the miscellaneous apps, the likes of whatsapp, snapchat etc.

However, you can optimize your smartphone to make it more powerful, useful and efficient. Here are the top 3 apps that will make your android phone even smarter and in some cases provide the functionality that is puzzlingly missing from apps in 2018 starter.

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‘Socratic’ solving math equations will now become easy for you with this smart tutor app. Socratic can give answers to math homework and also explain how to solve it by taking a picture of math problems. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the homework problem and then returns explanation along with videos to give step-by-step help.

Pre-installed weather apps will tell you the forecast for your town but ‘Dark sky’ boasts immense predictions that pinpoint where you are standing. It also offers short term warnings if it’s about to rain or snow in the next hour where you are, providing enough time to take umbrella related action.

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Also with the ‘Sleep cycle’, you can set your smartphone’s default alarm to permanent snooze. It uses your microphone and accelerometer (the thing that detects when your phone is moving) to track your sleep through sound and movement then wakes you in your lightest sleep place near to youmr alarm time.

Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives. Listen up android users. It’s time for a smart phone tune-up.

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Working towards a better LASU: A task for all



In the early hours of Friday September 7, 2018, Lagos State University became an ‘home’ to a next rated project – the Lagos State city project.

The Lagos State city project, a project contracted by “sparkwest steel industry” is aimed at controlling or monitoring the vast population of students around it axis with the use of high-tech close circuit television video CCTV cameras.

The Lagos State city project is situated behind the lasu Sport center, and a few distance from the Lasu students arcade. It is 18 inches long and conical in shape, it is painted green and it base is a square of 12 by 12 with an extension of 4 by 4 where an office is located.

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According to Mr Oyewobi Adetayo, an engineer of the sparkwest steel industry “the CCTV cameras will be able to view the activities and happenings that occur around it axis both day and night, no matter the atmospheric condition and there will be no stress in identifying any picture it views irrespective of the distance covered.”

However, another engineer who refused to disclose his name explained to us that the project will cover 70% of the Lasu sports center,because most of the illicit behaviors and illegal deals take place at the sport center.

The project was completed on Thursday September 13, 2018, but still undergoing laid down procedures before full operation starts.

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Technology Makes Career Development Easy



Before the millennial reign, career development was at minimal. It took another dimension since 1980’s when technology increase rapidly.

Who are millennials?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term Millennials generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and 1990s. They are young people growing on internet-baesd information and entertainment. They are educated, fun-loving youths. They are technology savvy, liberal, entrepreneurial, confident, progressive, impatient and adventurous.
Career choice is a big challenge to students, high school and undergraduates. Some students decide their careers because of the syndrome “my friends is successful at it” some others, choose base on friendship and not by passion.
They are taught with the best method but when they get to the field they become wanting of ideas and skills of implementation.
It was discovered that 70% time of millennials is spent online. Networking, socializing, making unnecessary acquaintances, its almost impossible for the 21st century individual to live without their gadgets, in other words making them unsocial robots,
Then the LCDC says you can build your career online. The students is expected to ask how, well since more of our time is spent roaming online, the opportunity to spend valuable but limited edition of our roaming times has been made more useful, through the induction of the LCDC.

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LASU Career Development Center (LCDC) is a gateway to identity one’s individual talents/abilities/skills/interest/passion mainly held online.

Making it therefore more easy, this story has already provided the requirements and processes in choosing your tomorrow, below are the procedures.

How To Register On LCDC Platform
1) Login to LCDC, then click register, showing you welcome to electronic interactive career.

2) Fill in the gaps below

3) Login to the LASU mail to view information

4) Click on verify location

5) Welcoming You.

How To Activate LASU Email

1) Browse

2) Click student service, click on undergraduate, click on course registration.

3) Enter your matriculation number and surname

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4) Then tick all the check boxes and agree

5) Once you are in your course registration portal, click on wireless and email tab

6) Verify official student email and temporary passport

7) Go to gmail

8) Put student email address

9) Sign in (they will send you your own password)

10) Then, activate.
You can discover yourself through technology, and it can help you build your career.

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Science & Technology

LASU student develops traffic management software



A year-three Mathematics undergraduate of Lagos State University (LASU), Oluwafemi Tairu has developed a software application. Known as RoadPal, the software, it is hoped that the software will be of help in managing the chaotic Lagos traffic.

According to its developer, the thought of an application that can assist with real-time traffic advisory and information spurred him to develop Roadpal, which provides information to road users. He said, “Information is power. I would have avoided being stuck in traffic so many times if I had access to relevant information, and I decided things had to change”, he said, noting that Roadpal, like other traffic applications, lets users share traffic information with other road users, made possible with Internet connection.

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Tairu also said his application also gives users a list of nearby eateries, malls, hospitals, spare parts shops, mechanics and vulcanizers stands, features he included to spice things up a bit. There is something for everyone on Roadpal.” The Mathematics student added.

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Science & Technology

LASU goes alive on social media



It is no news anymore that the world is tilting the way of technological development and artificial intelligence. So also is information a very crucial aspect in the society. In a bid to attain her much-desired height, the Lagos State University (LASU) is doing all it can to build a good image for itself.

Courtesy of an innovative idea of one of its image makers, Mr. Olaniyi Jeariogbe, LASUs presence in the social media realm has been deeper. As Principal Executive Officer I in the Universitys registry, Jeariogbe heads media relations for the Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations (CIPPR).

From initially using his personal page (Jerrysam Olaniyi) on Facebook to project the LASU image, the CIPPR adopted his idea in furtherance of laundering the image of Nigerias best state university. Thus, LASU Info Official Facebook page was born on Facebook on October 19, 2016.

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According to Jeariogbe, the urge to key into Vice Chancellor Olanrewaju Fagbohun-led administrations developmental plans drove the idea, for which he has been commended by the Vice Chancellor.

“On January 30, 2018, we were able to organise an information management and Public Relations workshop to lecture the Students Union Government leaders in order to key them into what we do. The projection we are having for the social media is for everybody to be able to positively project LASU.

We are marketing LASU to everybody’s heart. The entire CIPPR unit is to be applauded for the WhatsApp handle that also serves as information platform for staff members of LASU, he said, hinting that a Telegram extension of the WhatsApp was in the pipeline.

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Exploring the possibilities of digital note taking



I have a nightmare only those close to me may be aware of, when I say nightmare, I do not mean the scary dreams.

I can hold a pen like most other persons, I can place a book on a surface and maneuver its pages, but I have never been able to write on the surface of a book and be proud of my handwriting.

Photo credit: iStock

A lady once said, “Arewa, truly, your hand writing is the opposite of your look”. It would please you to know that many students like myself suffer the same issue, maybe due to a lack of effort to improve or basically some form of impairment, as for me I think the paper and ink just do not want to succumb.

Since being enrolled in Lagos State University as a mass communication student, I have had to do more listening than writing in lectures, or basically just put my book on my legs while writing, stating excuses as not being comfortable on the table. Sometime later, I got tired of trying to actually write anything, so on this faithful day, I attended lectures without as little as a sheet of paper, but the lecturer Dr Owolabi would not have it, he inquired why I was not writing, I quickly brought out my phone and started typing in my notepad, and that was how it dawned on me how easy it was to take notes with my phone.


Henceforth, I began attending all classes with enthusiasm and taking notes, not on paper but on my smart phone. Afterwards I would upload the notes I had taken to google drive for safe keeping. Lo and behold, I was not the only one practicing, digital note taking.

There had been many in my class taking notes with their devices for various reasons, and employing various methods of safe keeping them like uploading to google drive as I do or cloud etc.

Upside of digital note taking

It reduces the stress of having to carry around a pile of notebooks and the backpack housing them. When books may get wet, stolen, rumpled or even lost, your devices will stand all this tests as like myself, I have a backup storage for every note I take. So if it happens that I loose my device or change it, I can always redownload the notes I have saved on the backup storage.

It is easier to access, as it is available to you anytime anywhere as long as you are with your smart phone or note taking device which includes:

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• Laptops
• Palm tops
• Tablets
• Smart pens
• Android phone

Improved vocabulary and spelling skills are expected as one can easily take a look in the dictionary on ones device  without having to begin seeking knowledge from the limited conventional paper back dictionary.

The access of auto correct further helps to improve spelling skills incase of those who are not adept at spelling.

It is arguable that students this days spend more time on their devices and that there are maybe more devices in lecture rooms than books, as whatever information found in books and what not can be accessed on the internet via smart devices.

Is it not then logical that we practice digital note taking which provides all that is needed and an avenue for more, even with the global development motor fast driving on. There may come a debate that digital note taking fosters laziness, but is being smart the same as being lazy?

Work smart!



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“We have Flobyt free Wi-Fi in ten hot-spot locations in LASU” -Dele Odufuye




In a world where data is to internet as oxygen is to human, an age where data prices keeps spiraling in accordance to the market demands and innovation, one would hardly go an hour or two without having to use the internet.


With most of the leading telecommunication companies on their heels in a hot race to satisfy the thirst for cheap data in an Africa fast on the tracks of technological advancement. A continent with a population in billions of willing internet user, Africa’s data market is a vast array of financial and ground breaking possibilities. In this view, it comes as a surprise to have a tech pioneer, two time winner of best use of technology category of the Future Awards and CEO of Tsaboin, Dele Odufuye partner with music mogul Michael Collins Ajereh aka Don Jazzy,  to launch Flobyt free Wi-Fi service with the aim of providing 100% free internet to users in public places, and one of the places dorned with this too good to be true free internet service is Lagos State University (LASU).


There are currently over ten (10) locations on LASU OJO campus enjoying the free to all Flobyt Wi-Fi

  • Faculty of art
  • Centre for planning studies
  • Department of theatre arts
  • Faculty of education
  • Faculty of management science
  • Female hostel
  • Flavours
  • Law library 2
  • Social sciences, 2
  • UBA ATM point

Dele Odufuye respond to questions

  1. Free Wi-Fi really? Nothing is free even in freeland. So what’s the catch? Are there hidden charges? No hidden charges. It is free absolutely free to the end users.
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  1. Why free service when you could easily make money if we had to pay for it? Free Wifi are monetized through ads. While logging in, we present ads that are paid for by partner ad agencies. The ads cover for the cost of the internet and the provision of the technology. This way, it can continue to always be free.


  1. How does it work, if I had an Android phone or a device that can be connected, how do I go about accessing Flobyt Wi-Fi. At any of our hotspots, just connect to the Flobyt Free Wifi. Your phone (especially iPhone) automatically launches the login page (captive portal) using your default browser. This is where you login from.


  1. How do you select what locations to install flobyt? We have partnerships with several venues and different type of venue require different type of conditions for deciding to partner with them.


  1. How do lasuites identify where there is Flobyt free Wi-Fi on campus? And why LASU? We have Flobyt Free Wifi sign at all our 10 hotspots in LASU. They can also check our website or mobile app by just typing LASU, it will bring out the list of hotspots in LASU.
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  1. Are there any plans to involve students in the movements, perhaps in ambassadorship roles. Oh yes. We currently have students from several schools that are ambassadors. We have up to about 5 in LASU.


  1. Tell us about your background and how you ventured into the tech business. I started as entrepreneur right after university in 2005. My background is Enviromental management and Toxicology however, I have been developing software using several programming languages as far back as secondary school days since 1997.


  1. What institution did you attend and what did you study? I studied Enviromental management and Toxicology at UNAAB.


  1. I dont believe anyone engages in a business and expects no profit, how do you get your returns from flobyt free Wi-Fi services. We monetize each connection via ads and that is where our profit shows up.


  1. It’s no news that Don Jazzy is a co-founder of flobyt, what role does he play? He is our Director of Creative Content Strategies.


  1. Is Lagos the only state benefiting from Flobyt Wi-Fi services? No. We have in Ibadan, Benin and Port Harcourt right now.


  1. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, where do you see Nigeria in the next ten years. Wow! We’ll be way beyond where we currently are.


  1. Any words for those looking to follow in your steps? Have a plan. Get help validating it. Stay focused towards it.
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