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Packing it with fanny packs

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Students make fashion statements with a new trend
For a while, the fanny pack or bum bag, as called, has been a trend among students in LASU. Every corner of the school, you meet different gents and ladies clutching to it, strapped to their chests or waists. The fanny pack is a small fabric pouch, usually sealed with a zipper and worn with its strap round the hips or waist. It started as a common bag into which little items could fit, and was used by the Americans and British, but faded around the 1980’s. Clearly, it has resurged in Nigeria; now worn by many celebrities like Olamide, Tiwa Savage and other big names in their industry to complement their dressing, as they understand what it feels like for their fans to see them use what trends in society.

LASU students now purchase these fancy purses at mind blowing prices for different reasons. While some use them for security reasons – allows them keep personal effects within very close reach, others embrace them for the portability. Still, some opt for into the vogue it because it is the latest fashion and they want to be seen as trendy. Students on campus from different departments shared views on this trend. Adekola Olanrewaju, a student in the School of Communication said, “I think the trend of the fanny pack is overrated. Why should I buy a bag that can hardly contain two Coca Cola bottles in the name of fashion? The bag is meant for the market women in Nigeria”.

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According to Sunmola Olatunde Umar, a student of Political Science, “Most people don’t really care about prices of what they buy nowadays. They just want to look good. Since we are mostly influenced by what our favorite celebrities wear, we tend to adopt the trends as culture”.

Regarding what has become a craze among many students, Afolabi Brecha, a student of Educational Management, had this to say, “Fanny packs has really taken over the normal school bag which can contain all their books, so with this trending bag, they are not able to bring enough books along with them to class, which reduces their level of seriousness and because a celebrity started the trend, it made the bag expensive and also leads to unusual spending.”

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The fanny pack comes in all sizes and colours; they also vary in prices. Certain people feel the bag is just a waste of money, while others feel it is just what they need, as they can easily access their properties with the bag. From the high rate of usage, conclusions may be drawn that students care less when spending their pocket monies on trending desires – as long as they are considered the latest vogue.

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